Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs: RIP; Wall Street Protesters: What I Observed; More Energy Company Failures; Dems Blocking Jobs Bill; Eric Holder, a Putz; Pee To Fuel Rockets?

The only thing not going out of business in NYC, are the "Going Out of Business Stores."--Conan.
  • First, RIP to Steve Jobs. Who could imagine what else this genius could have accomplished in the next 20-30 years?
  • I personally went down to "Occupy Philadelphia" today to see these protesters myself. I was right. Many are knuckleheads. And the usual crowd showed up as reported on my post yesterday. But I came away with several observations. I can't blame all of those young folks for protesting. They're just ignorant of basic economics. I blame their teachers. Their teachers never told them that it not only takes labor to create jobs. It also takes capital. Without those two, there are no jobs. That's why Socialism and Communism are such utter failures. I also noted that the crowd appeared disconnected. They blamed everything from their usual tirades against corporations and banks to, yes, even Washington D.C. (pleasant surprise some understood it's insane government policies that are largely responsible for the current horrific state of the union). In short, there was no one coherent message unlike the civil rights and anti-war protesters during the Vietnam era. Right now, these people appeared to be searching for a place to hang their peace signs unable to find the hook.
  • Do these protesters even know that George Soros, a billionaire, is a driving force behind teh scenes?
  • Perhaps these people should be tracking their tax dollars (those who are working). USA Today reports {"Profits Not Seen In Clean Energy"} that there are more energy companies that received huge government grants even though their finances were shaky at best. Loans were granted to several geothermal companies that are either failing or already out of business. And the Washington Post is reporting today that the energy department was ready to give Solyndra another loan. They discovered emails to that effect.
  • "Recession Is Over News"---New York State's Medicaid rolls increase by 700,000 since 2009.
  • And unemployment claims went up again last week to over 400,000 yet again.
  • So who is blocking Pres. Obama's jobs bill? It's not Republicans. It's Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Charles "Chuckie Cheese" Schumer. Unlike Pres. Obama's proposal, they want a 5% surtax on all income over $1 million. And they want to include salary, dividends and capital gains (talk about killing jobs. This will do it).
  • What have been the excuses Eric Holder's Justice Department used regarding the Fast and Furious scandal? They include, but are not limited to, saying there was no such program. Even if there was such a program, Eric Holder didn't know about it. Even if he should have known about it, he didn't read the memos about it. And even if he read the memos, he didn't fully understand the program. Folks, that's the definition of a putz (NY Post. No they didn't call him a putz, I did. The story is in the Post).
  • In their generic polling, Rasmussen is reporting that any Republican beats Pres. Obama by 47 to 41%, now outside the margin of error.
  • Oh, yes, Sarah Palin will not be running for president. One more time. Palin will not be running for president.
  • Tea Party tells Sen. Scott Brown, former Tea Party poster boy, you are on your own this time around. He was their first electoral victor, but he's disappointed many (Daily Caller).
  • Start saving your pee. Discovery News reports a bacterium in our urine may one day be used as rocket fuel.

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