Monday, October 10, 2011

We Need A Voice of Reason Like Dean Martin; Rahm Emanuel: Fake, Phony and Fraud; Freebies Attracting Protesters; Even Mayor Bloomberg is PO'd at Protesters; Solyndra: Corruption at the Highest Levels; And Those Arab Spring "Peaceful" Demonstrators; Pres.Obama More Isolated?

A new poll shows only 3% strongly approve of the job Congress is doing, with a margin of error of 4%, so it's possible that "less than no one" thinks they are doing a good job.---Leno

  • Perhaps we need someone like Dean Martin running the country. In an incident described by Jay Berstein in his new book, "Starmaker," he describes an incident when a man gave Frank Sinatra a raw egg instead of a cooked egg. So when Frank cracked the egg, it exploded all over him. They were on a plane at the time, and Sinatra wanted to throw the guy out of the plane. Suddenly, Dean Martin who was known to be the voice of reason in the Rat Pack, shot up and blocked Sinatra from throwing the poor guy off the plane and said, "You're not throwing anybody out of the plane, Frank," Dean said.
  • While writing this today, I caught Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago, on one of the Sunday morning news talk shows. He was lying through his teeth. That's right---I said it: he was lying through his teeth. So I decided to check out his background, and what I found did not surprise me. In addition to his long political background, he spent some time in finance as an investment banker (you reading this Wall Street protesters?). In general, nothing wrong with that. It's what came next that should have raised a red flag to anyone considering hiring this phony. He was on the board of Freddie Mac when it was plagued in scandals and and accounting irregularities. Was he involved in the corruption? I don't know but I wouldn't trust this prick as far as I can spit a watermelon.
  • And while I'm at it. Eric Holder, the top law enforcement officer in the country (Attorney General), is also a liar. His agency's own emails and memos prove it.
  • The LA Times is reporting that Fast and Furious guns have appeared in drug cartel homes.
  • Any wonder why Mayor Bloomberg is angry at the Wall Street protesters? In addition to sanitation problems, many in the crowds are getting stoned drunk or on drugs. Andre, an activist, observed, "Most of these kids are trust-fund babies...It doesn't look good." And the City had to pay out over $2 million in overtime to the police as of last Friday.
  • Bloomberg reminded New Yorkers that bonuses alone pour over $200 million into the city from taxes. "If the jobs they're trying to get rid of in the city---the people that work in finance---go away, we're not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees..," said Bloomberg (listening union members? You're protesting against your own jobs and pensions. Wall Street salaries are also paying your salaries).
  • I'll even admit that these protesters have some legit reasons. This financial crisis was unfair to many in America. Many people are feeling they've been left out of the process (for example. they saw the banks and auto companies bailed out. But they have not seen the same help toward those in need). That's undeniable. And I believe many of these people feel frustrated being entangled between a rock and hard place. But the real culprits are on Pennsylvania Ave. in D.C. They should not let those skunks off the hook, but  it appears that's exactly what they are doing.
  • More reasons why these protesters should vent against Congress and The White House. The administration threw over $500 million at Solyndra. And now information is coming out that the administration wanted to throw another 1/2 billion at Solyndra even though they knew the company was failing. Add insult to injury, Steven Spinner, who raised over $500 grand for the Obama campaign, was named to a top job at the Energy Department. He advocated for Solyndra to get those loans. And you ready for this: Spinner's wife?---her law firm represented guess who?------------------Solyndra. Does it get any dirtier than that? It's called: corruption at the highest levels.
  • If you haven't been following the Left coverage of the protesters, I can save you some time. CNN's Christiane Amanmanmanmanpour referred to them as "Revolutionaries." Daily Kos welcomed the "occupation."
  • You wondering how so many attend these rallies? NY Post staffers reported they are attracted by free pizza, sandwiches, fruit, clothing and even condoms.
  • Remember that "peaceful" Arab Spring that CNN loved to tout? 19 Christians were killed by Muslim rioters this week according to AP.
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post reported today that his sources (and he has great sources) told him Pres. Obama is becoming more isolated in the White House. He mostly talks to only 2 or 3 people. He rarely meets with his cabinet members. His sources told him that even Hillary and Little Timmy Geithner, Treasury Sect., have complained they've been shut out of important meetings.
  • And guess who Dems are turning to for advice: Bill Clinton. (At least they are more sense than turning to that lunatic, Al Gore). 
  • Harvy Golub, former CEO of American Express, called the jobs bill a mess. "Many of us have suspected that economic illiterates were setting the economic policy of this administration," he wrote in the Wall Street Journal. He added, the bill "reveals a depth of cluelessness that boggles the mind."
  • Kidnappings, beheadings, car bombings, shooting dozens....No, not Afghnistan. No not Iraq. Not Pakistan. Not Syria.---Mexico.

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