Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey: Will Occupy "Jump The Shark?"; The Truth About Wealth Redistribution; Congressional Crook Update; She Made It To 122 Years of Age

P.E.T.A now says turkeys are so fat, they can't stand up. They're prone to heart attacks and have trouble mating. No. I'm sorry. That's what turkeys say about us.---Leno

  • Let's talk turkey. Will Occupy "jump the shark" this Friday? They just might. Many of you may have already heard that Occupy Wall Street plans on demonstrating in front of many retailers on Black Friday. Occupy is encouraging people to either occupy or boycott  specific retailers. Something about these retailers being in the back pocket to Wall Street. Who the F>ck knows? They don't even know. So what retailers will they be targeting? Wal-Mart for one. And everyone knows the top 1% shop at Wal-Mart regularly. Amazon is another one, but I don't know how they will pull that one off.
  • The hypocrisy in this Occupy movement is breathtaking. Target retailers means targeting the 99%. Who do they think works for these retailers? It's not Gates, Soros, Oprah and many of the other top 99% of the top 1%.  On the other hand, they give passes to the likes of Corzine because he's a big donor to democrats and Obama. Same for Soros.
  • The hypocrisy of our political elite cannot be discounted either. We have the likes of Pelosi giving the movement support even though she was forced into using union workers on her vineyards. Sen. Gillibrand also showed her support for the Occupiers even though the NY Times reported she received just a few bucks shy of $1 million from---securities and investment firms.
  • AP is reporting these Occupy protests have cost cities around the country over $13 mil. Guess who that hurts?
  • Hey, Occupiers!!! Redistributing wealth only accomplishes one thing: it moves wealth from one place to another or one group to another. And in many societies that promote redistributing wealth---like Commies and Socialists---check out who benefits from that wealth redistribution. It always ends up at the top. But---this time---it's the people like you who suddenly got power and decided to redistribute the wealth---to themselves.  In case anyone needs a short history lesson, check out the failed "redistributers" below (Oh,  before I forget, these same people just love to murder innocent people---especially those who complain about "wealth redistribution."):

  • Talk about bad timing. Robert Wagner is slated to portray a murder suspect on NCIS. Ooops!
  • "Arab Spring" Update: As of yesterday, almost 40 people have been killed and almost 2,000 wounded. And the military said it will hand over power---perhaps next year.
  • Congressional Crook Update: Charlie Rangel is still in the House of Representatives. Below is a nice shot of Charlie enjoying life.

  • If you're one of those people who wants to live to 130 years of age, you need to know the oldest person ever recorded was Jeanne Calment of France. She only made it to 122. Many people who claimed to be 115 or older proved to be bullshooters. They actually lived to about 113 or 114---big difference.
  • Do you find it interesting that Tebow gets hammered for proclaiming his Christianity but when people proclaim their sexuality or ethnicity; they're praised. What's wrong with that picture?
I'll be giving thanks on my other blog, Dedicated to Heroes tonight. Please visit today.

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