Friday, November 25, 2011

What's For Thanksgiving Mom? Daddy; Bad Thanksgiving for Wall Street; The Loons Have Taken Over The Occupy Movement; Major League Soccer Still A Bust in America; Grandma Shot Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

President Obama came home after a nine day trip to Asia. Well, he got to see some stuff he never sees at home, like jobs.---Fallon

  • How's this for some interesting news on Thanksgiving Week. A Pakistani woman is suspected of killing and then cooking her husband. Anyone want gravy with that? (CNN)

  • This news should make the Occupiers very, very giddy. Wall Street is reporting The Dow and the S&P logged their worst Thanksgiving week since 1932.
  • Speaking of Wall Street and the Occupiers, I did not hear much about their plans to protest retailers today.  I do know this. Shoppers occupied the friggin mall and many stores. How well they did won't be known yet, but I'll be interested to hear what the numbers were.
  • There was one report of Occupy Delaware protesting at the Christiana Mall outside Wilmington. I believe two Occupiers showed up.
  • But the Occupiers are not the only knuckleheads out there. Here's a sampling of some headlines today from all of the pleasant shoppers out there: "Woman Pepper Sprays Other Black Friday Shoppers., (at a Wal-Mart in LA); "Girls Punching Each Other Over Yoga Pants Sale at Victoria's Secrets," (I can understand punching each other out over those beautiful, sexy panties and bras but Yoga pants?); "Two Women Injured, Man Charged After Fight In Upstate Wal-Mart." (NY Post); "Gunfire Erupts At NC Mall As Early Shoppers Arrive." (AP). There are literally tons of these stories out there today.
  • Bill O'Reilly made a good point about the Occupy movement in his piece yesterday, something I know I and many others have been saying. He wrote, "But the point {he's referring to their agenda, whatever that is} has been largely lost because the Occupy movement is now perceived as radical and incoherent. The loons moved in, and the sincere protesters ceded the spotlight...The result: According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll, just 28% of Americans now approve of the Occupy movement and James Carville will no longer take their calls..."
  • But there is some good news for the Occupiers. They are planning on putting out a benefit album with Jackson Brown, Third Eye Blind (very appropriate band name), Crosby and Nash (if anyone can get them out of the nursing home), Devo, and some other space cadets.
  • Once again, the cost to cities dealing with these misfits is now in excess of $13 million and growing according to an AP survey.
  • In the "Gee, What A Friggin Surprise" Folder: Headline in USA Today last week: "Major League Soccer Title Game Fails To Draw." A whopping .08% of in the 56 urban markets that were measured watched the game. Don't worry. It'll catch on---in 2085.
  • And then there's that Arab Spring in Egypt again. An Egyptian born NY journalist reported she was brutally attacked and sexually molested. If you recall, her attack follows on the heels of the attack upon CBS News reporter Lara Logan by a mob of men in Tahir Square earlier this year. In addition, a French reporter reported she was also sexually assaulted recently.
  • And folks, what would Thanksgiving be without this headline and event: "Grandmother Shot While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner." (WCSC Live 5. Omaha). Hey, what would Thanksgiving be without grandma taking a bullet for the family anyway? Actually, the shooter was aiming at some children playing in the street. I guess he missed his targets just a tad. Grandma is fine.

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